PureFlow® Polymer Fiber Filter Material for Pool

PureFlow® - Is lightweight Innovative Polymer Fiber Filter Material replaces all conventional sand, glass and even cartridge filters, suitable for swimming pools, water parks, and much more areas. PureFlow® stands for innovation and progress, ensures crystal clear water without silver ions, without chemical additives, and without artificial colors. Universal Filter Material for many common Filter Systems, 350 g of PureFlow® replaces about 25 kg of Filter Sand. Made in Germany and Awarded by Bäderbetriebe Ilmenau.

PureFlow® an alternative filter material to sand, glass or filter cartridges

The New Pool Filter Material for Sand and Cartridge Filters

PureFlow® polymer pool filter is lightweight, versatile and very receptive, these are just three of the many advantages of the new PureFlow® pool filter material, in contrast to conventional Sand, Cartridge and Glass Filters.

PureFlow® 3D Filter Material Innovation for your Pool

PureFlow® is Highly elasticized, high-tech Fiber Filter Material superimposed in many. It replaces all conventional sand, glass and even cartridge filters. PureFlow® is the World's most Proven and Excellent polymer Fiber Filter Material for the Purification and Reprocessing of Water.

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  • PureFlow® is Powerful & Certified

    Powerful & Certified

    PureFlow® is Super Light, consists of three thermally bonded special fibers in a layers, which are highly solidified, ensure Excellent Filtration.

  • Cost Effective Filter Material your Pool

    Cost Effective

    350g PureFlow® replaces 25kg of sand filter material. This also makes storage, transport, filling and disposal extremely cost-effective.

  • PureFlow® is high filtration efficiency

    Ultra High Capacity

    PureFlow® is up to 4 times faster than sand and glass filtration systems, and even without pressure. Incredibly high filtration efficiency

  • PureFlow® is free of toxic metals, chemical

    Health Protective

    PureFlow® consists of pure, certified fibers, free of chemical dyes, toxic metals, formaldehyde, PCP, CFCs. Also suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • PureFlow® is easy handle because of the low weight

    Natural Media Inside

    PureFlow® is best suited for aquariums and ensures crystal clear water without destroying the special flora or biological habitat of the fish.

  • PureFlow®  pool filter is easy disposal, recyclable und durable

    Earth Conscious

    PureFlow® provides crystal clear water and environmentally friendly by saving energy and water, protecting the Earth's most important resource.

Universal Filter Material for Many common Filter Systems

The PureFlow® fiber is an easy-to-use pool of filter material that replaces sand, cartridge and glass filters.Highly effective filter material for your pool If you are looking for an alternative filter material to sand, glass or filter cartridges, you have found the right product with PureFlow®. The small cubes that can be used in many common filter systems, convince by a high absorption capacity of dirt particles.

PureFlow® New Filter Material for Suitable with All Filter Systems
Polymer Polymer Fiber Filter material for Pool, jacuzzi and various other areas

Rewarded Polymer Fiber Filter material for Pool, Aquarium and various Areas

Pureflow Filter Material is worldwide approved and most rewarded polymer fiber filter material for cleaning and recycling water in Pool, Sauna/Spa, Jacuzzi, Natural Swiming Pools, Ponds, Fish Aquariums, Water Tanks, Garden Centers, Plantations, Agriculture, Industrial Filter for Process, Waste water technology, Refrigeration, Air Condition, Car washing and cleaning systems, Mining and Wide fields of various Maritime Applications.

Cost-Effective Filter Material with high Cleaning Speed

PureFlow® uses much less energy, less backwash, less water, less chemicals, and lower their maintenance costs. This will save you a lot money. Instead of 25 kg of sand or glass filter material, you only need 320 g PureFlow®. This also makes storage, transport, filling and disposal extremely cost-effective and thus highly efficient.

Cost-Effective Filter Material for Swimming Pool